Hollins University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The mission of the Hollins University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to bring the Hollins community closer together through athletics. SAAC supports and upholds the core values of Hollins University: academic excellence, humane values, civility, integrity, concern for others, diversity, social justice, and the equal worth of women and men. SAAC’s goal is to enhance the image of student-athletes on campus and in the community by encouraging involvement of student-athletes in campus and community projects. A member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) and the NCAA, Hollins University adheres to those organizations’ rules and regulations.


Swimming – Hanna DeVarona, Emily Miehlke     

Cross Country – Kacie Shifflett

Basketball – Cecelia Riddle and Kayla Surles

Lacrosse – Madi Szurley, Whitney Cromer, and Ashley Peters

Riding - Kaitlyn Mosmiller and Caitlyn Sheffer

Volleyball – Tyler Sesker and Casey Mahan

Soccer – Kendra Rich, Madisen Charles and Paige Russell

Tennis – Sarah Snoddy


2019-20 SAAC Officers

Kendra Rich-President

Sarah Snoddy-Vice President

Paige Russell-Secretary

Cecelia Riddle-Senator

2019-20 Athletics Chair:

Casey Mahan - Volleyball


Emilee Dunton - Head Basketball Coach 

Hollins University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Constitution

Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is, first and foremost, to support the professional, athletic, and academic development of Hollins Student-Athletes. SAAC endeavours to serve the Hollins and surrounding community through volunteerism and leadership presence, and to encourage campus involvement with athletics. Members of SAAC seek to effectively communicate information regarding Hollins Athletics and ensure the success and support of all athletic programs at Hollins University. Hollins University SAAC is a chapter of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC), as required by NCAA rules and regulations.

Article 2: Membership

SAAC Representatives are demonstrably involved in the campus community and supportive of all Hollins University varsity teams. As representatives they are responsible for effectively communicating information, representatives must be trusted members of their respective teams. Representatives must be current student-athletes in good standing.

Hollins University Student Government Association (SGA) will appoint an Athletic Chair during the spring semester to act as liaison between the Athletic Department and SGA.

The Hollins University Athletic Director will appoint one Faculty Advisor to SAAC at their discretion.

Section 1: Team Representation
All Hollins University varsity athletic teams are required to have a representative, but no more than three per team. Two representatives are recommended to function as voting representatives for each team. A team representative must be present at every SAAC meeting (Article 2, Section 2). SGA Athletic Chair will act only as SGA liaison and will not be counted as a team representative or as a voting member (Article 4, Section 3).

For future representatives, current SAAC representatives must, in written or electronic form, provide their respective coach with the names of nominees prior to the final SAAC meeting of spring semester. The representative can present the names of the current representatives if they desire to continue on in their role.

Section 2: Attendance
Every varsity sport should be represented at SAAC meetings, with exceptions for team competitions. If representatives are unable to attend for reasons other than athletic commitments, they must find a team member to attend as proxy and communicate the proxy to Hollins SAAC cabinet. If a representative is absent for three meetings for reasons other than athletics, they will be asked to step down. If the faulty representative is the sole representative of a varsity team, they will nominate their replacement (Article 2, Section 1).

Article 3: Executive Organization

Hollins University SAAC will have officer positions of (1) President, (2) Vice President, (3) Secretary, and (4) Senator. Officer positions cannot be held by someone intending to study abroad in their elected academic year, with the exception of January Short-Term. An athletic team cannot have more than two members holding officer positions. Officers must have been SAAC members for at least one full academic year, or two semesters. Officers will be considered voting representatives of their teams. The executive branch will include the Hollins University SAAC Faculty Advisor and the SGA Athletic Chair

Section 1: Election
All representatives may vote during officer election periods. New officers will be elected in February so that they may spend the spring semester learning the roles and duties as taught to them by the current officers.

Section 2: Duties
The SAAC President will - Preside over all SAAC meetings - Assemble the agenda for the regular SAAC meetings in coordination with officers - Organize SAAC officer meetings - Oversee SAAC members and attendance - Coordinate with SGA Athletic Chair - Communicate regularly with the Athletic Administration - Act as representative for Hollins University in ODAC - Communicate with national SAAC representative The SAAC Vice President will - Preside over all SAAC meetings in the absence of the President - Assist the President with assembling meeting agendas - Write and send monthly newsletter to student athletes - Act as Hollins University representative for ODAC The SAAC Secretary will - Preside over communication between officers and representatives - Preside over social media and marketing of SAAC activities - Maintain written records of meetings and disperse meeting minutes to SAAC members - Assist the President with assembling meeting agendas The SAAC Senator will - Coordinate and organize event task forces - Represent SAAC at weekly Hollins University Senate meetings - Assist the President with assembling meeting agendas - Act as liaison between SAAC, Student Government Association (SGA), and Student Activities and Orientation The SAAC Faculty Advisor will - Act as a consultant for projects and event task forces - Attend SAAC events and meetings as able - Act as University fund coordinator The SGA Athletic Chair will - Fulfill their role as detailed in Hollins University SGA constitution and bylaws - Coordinate with SAAC President - Attend SAAC events and meetings as able

Article 4: Organization Responsibilities

Section 1: National Obligations
Hollins University SAAC, as a chapter of the NCAA in the ODAC, is expected to participate in - National Bylaw Voting Period (Fall) - DIII Week (Spring) - Other obligations that may develop, requiring that HU SAAC evolve to provide continued support to the NCAA and ODAC SAACs.

Section 2: Chapter Expectations
SAAC must organize and host events that support the purpose of the organization. SAAC is expected to host at least one community service event each semester, examples include NCAA Special Olympics support, ODAC food drives, and Roanoke Valley Trunk or Treats.

SAAC is also expected to host at least one athletic support event each athletic season, examples include tournaments and game day events (Nix the Vix). Representatives are required to support these events by serving on at least one event task force during their term of service and regularly attend SAAC events.

SAAC meetings will occur no less than once a month and SAAC officers are expected to meet prior to these meetings. Meetings may be called more frequently as deemed necessary. SAAC members are expected to attend all meetings except when limited by athletic commitments (Article 2, Section 2).

Section 3: Voting Procedures
Teams are allotted two votes during voting periods, except in the case of officer elections (Article 3, Section 1). Teams are restricted to two voting members, but may still have three representatives (Article 1). Votes by teams that have only one representative will be counted twice. It is the responsibility of these single representatives to make officers aware of this status prior to voting. Quorum for voting procedures is 5 members. Votes may be conducted verbally (i.e., Aye, Nay), by show of hands, or by closed ballot. In the case of a split committee, the SGA-appointed Athletic Chair or SAAC Faculty Advisor may vote
to break the tie. SGA Athletic Chair will vote in the cases of elections and amendments. Majority will rule in all voting periods.

Voting will be conducted for officer elections, national bylaw voting periods, chapter bylaw amendments, event planning, financial appropriation, and other topics as deemed necessary by presiding officers.

Section 4: Constitution
Amendments to this constitution may be introduced at the conclusion of any meeting. Voting shall occur at the next meeting with the new amendment taking effect following the decision. Voting procedures will follow as stated in Article 4, Section 3. If the amendment passes, it shall be written in the constitution and followed immediately.

NCAA Division 3 SAAC logo

Click here > for the NCAA DIII SAAC's "You Can Play" video.

Fall 2018 Community Projects:

During the fall semester, the ODAC sponsored a friendly competition between the SAAC groups at it's member institutions. The goal was to collect non-perishable food items to be donated to a local charity. The Hollins SAAC collected 509 food items that they donated to a local Roanoke are food bank.

picture of some of the 500 food items that Hollins SAAC collected for a local charity

Fall 2017 Community Projects:

On Halloween of 2017, the Hollins SAAC group went to North Roanoke Baptist Church to participate in their "Trunk or Treat". The group decorated one of the Hollins vans and gave out candy to 100's of local children during the two hour event.

Halloween 2017, Hollins SAAC dressed up to participate at a local Trunk or Treat

In September of 2017, the Hollins SAAC worked with the Park Partners program through Roanoke County Parks. In addition the group cleared parts of the trail near campus in the Carvin's Cove area as well as staining an entire bridge on part of the trail. On October 1st, a group of student-athletes helped on a project at Sadler Park. The group spread three massive "mountains" of mulch over the playground to mark the park safer for the children that use the facility. 

Student Athletes representing several Hollins teams performed community service, spreading mulch at a local park, over the weekend

Fall 2016 Community Projects:

The Hollins SAAC sponsored a "haunted van" at the 2016 Trunk or Treat on Halloween night. During the event, held at North Roanoke Baptist Church on Peters Creek Road, several Hollins student-athletes dressed up and handed out candy to over 750 children from the Roanoke Valley.

Hollins SAAC at the Trunk or Treat held at the North Roanoke Baptist Church

Winter 2015 Community Projects:

On Friday, December 11th, the Hollins SAAC concluded it's fund raising efforts for Feeding America Southwest Virginia by working at the food bank.  Hollins collected over $300 for the organization and presented the funds when they went to work in the "Quality Assurance" area for the afternoon.  In addition to the donation, the Hollins group processed over 6,000 pounds of food while working at the food bank.  After sorting through the thousands of pounds of food, the group sorted and packed enough food to create 5,000 meals for people in the Roanoke area.  Also, while working at Feeding America Southwest Virginia, the SAAC group met one of their own when they had a chance to meet and work with Hollins alum Johana Keller, the Development Services & Records manager at Feeding America.


Hollins SAAC members working at the local food bank Hollins SAAC members working at the local food bank

Hollins SAAC members working at the local food bank


Fall 2015 Community Projects:

There was a SAAC sponsored pep rally on Wendesday, October 14th.  During the event, each SAAC member recognized their teammates and said a few words in front of the group.  The rally was for the fall sport seasons and to kick off the first day of basketball practice.

SAAC participated in the "Trunk or Treat" at North Roanoke Baptist Church on Saturday, October 31st.  During their time at the event, the Hollins SAAC group in full halloween dress, took one of the Hollins Athletic Vans and decorated it (inside and out) so that the children could walk through and receive teats as they exited the van.  During a two hour period, the SAAC group welcomed over 100 children.

In December of 2015, Hollins SAAC is raising money for "Feeding America Southwest Virginia", a highly rated national organization with a local location.  The group is looking to raise $500-$600 for the food bank, located in Salem, VA.  Saturday, December 5th, SAAC will be volunteering with Feed America at it's Salem Distribution Center.   

2015 Hollins SAAC community service outing at a local Trunk or Treat


Fall 2014 Community Projects:

SAAC will be sponsoring a pep rally on Thursday night, September 11th.  The theme of the pep rally will be "lawn games".  The event will be held outside at the fire pit on Forest of Arden and it is designed to help kick off the fall sport seasons as well as get the campus ready for the annual soccer matchup with their arch rival, Sweet Briar College.

October of 2014the Hollins University SAAC volunteered in October at the Third Annual Blacksburg Color Me Rad 5k Race to benefit Special Olympics Virginia. 

This was a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) driven event and nine student-athletes from Hollins dedicated a few hours of their day to assist with the race. Color Me Rad and Special Olympics Virginia had an agreement that for every ODAC volunteer, Color Me Rad would donate $100.00 to Special Olympics Virginia, so the organization will receive $900.00 this year. Special Olympics Virginia will use the money to provide programming and state level events for their athletes.

Hollins student-athletes at the Color Me Rad fund raising event for Va. Special Olympics Virginia Special Olympics logo Hollins student-athletes at the Color Me Rad fund raising event for Va. Special Olympics


December of 2014 the Hollins SAAC sponsored a food drive for the Trust House in Roanoke, VA.  Hollins student-athletes raised over 150 canned and non-perishable food items for the Trust House, a designated non-profit providing programming for homeless individuals, families and veterans experiencing crisis.

 Hollins SAAC helped to raise over 150 canned food items for the Trust House, picture of basketball court with the cans in a "Hollins logo"