Strange Starts Summer In Italy

headshot of Sydney Strange in her USA uniform with the Hollins basketball logo and a team photo in the background
Sydney Strange represented the USA in Italy
Many of our student athletes find ways to continue to engage in their passions over the summer vacation. Rising sophomore guard Sydney Strange just returned from a week long trip to Italy where she got to play basketball and see the sites.
While Sydney was in Italy, she not only had a great experience on the court but also enjoyed seeing the sites in Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, and Gorizia. She was blown away by the history of the places she visited and loved getting to experience the different cultures. Sydney said it was amazing to see “how back in earlier times they did not have the technology we have today and yet the buildings are still standing in almost the same way they were meant to.”
On the court, Sydney played in three games with other players from all over the United States. They competed against a team from Rome, one from Florence, and one from Gorizia. Sydney found that the experience taught her a lot. The biggest challenge was stepping right into playing with players she did not know before the trip. She said “One important thing I learned from the trip was finding the ability to open up to other people faster than I usually do. We had to work as a team, and communicating is a major role in that. Without talking to the other players we would not have been able to work as well together.” She thinks this lesson will not only contribute to her playing career at Hollins but will also impact her life.