HOP: 100 Mile Challenge

100 Mile Challenge!

Students of Hollins University: we challenge you! The challenge? To see if you can generate 100 human powered miles over the 2016 spring semester. This is an opportunity to get outside, get active, and win some cool prizes! Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of how many miles are able to generate.  Whether it’s hiking, biking, boating, or walking; break the Hollins bubble and experience the beauty the Roanoke Valley has to offer.  All miles clocked must be outdoors.  Students will log their miles and the one with the most will be the overall winner.  All others who achieve the 100 mile goal will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win other prizes. HOP will offer trips and other resources in support of achieving your goal. The challenge runs from Wednesday Feb 3rd - Friday, May 6th.  Let’s get outside!




1.       Start and End Dates

a.       Mileage must be logged between Wednesday Feb 3rd – Friday, May 6th

b.      Mileage must be submitted by May 6th to be eligible

2.       Only currently enrolled students at Hollins University are eligible.*

3.       All mileage must be Human Powered.

a.       No motorized forms of transportation are accepted.

4.       Mileage must be accomplished Outdoors and not part of your daily routine.

a.       HOP trips or similar events with other programs are accepted.

b.      Walking between classes is not acceptable form of mileage.

5.       You must track your own mileage.

a.       A sheet with mileage from regional trails and water ways is provided to help you log our mileage. 

b.      Mileage sheet

c.       Step counters and other phone apps are great resources for tracking mileage.  A steps to mileage converter is provided in the link above when logging miles. 

6.       In order to be eligible for prizes Mileage must be logged into the provided website provided. 



http://www.viewranger.com/en-US.  Have Fun and Explore the beautiful area around Hollins!!!


Make sure to Like the Hollins 100 Mile Challenge page on Facebook!  Be sure to post pics of you and your friends on your adventures over the new few months and make sure to hashtag your photos to #hu100miles.


There are several apps that are available for smartphones that are capable of helping you find trails, measure your distance, and even meet new people doing the same thing.  Here are some links to just a few of them.




Results will be announced for the individuals that have completed a minimum of 100 miles on Monday, May 9th.  A grand prize to the student with most overall miles and all others with a minimum of 100 miles will be entered into a raffle.