Hollins Joins The Adidas Brand

Adidas logo with a green background and the Hollins Athletic logo in the upper left corner
Adidas will be the uniform, apparel, and equipment provider for Hollins Athletics.

In one of her first acts as the new Director of Athletics at Hollins, Myra Sims is announcing a new partnership between Hollins and Adidas. The athletic shoe and apparel giant will be the official provider of uniforms, apparel, and equipment for Hollins and their NCAA athletic teams in an agreement with Team Sports Outfitters.

After a meeting late last week with Team Sports Outfitters, a full service sporting goods store located in the heart of Bristol, TN, it was announced that Hollins had entered into an agreement with Adidas. At the conclusion of the meeting and announcement, Sims was extremely pleased with the deal. "We are excited to have been able to forge this partnership with Adidas and Team Sports Outfitters. This generous agreement will provide our student-athletes and coaches with top quality apparel and equipment."

Coaches and student-athletes were excited about the agreement. Brie Faircloth, a rising sophomore on the volleyball team, was one of the student-athletes that was able to see some of the upcoming merchandise and equipment. "I am completely ecstatic about Hollins becoming an Adidas school". Faircloth continued, "Adidas has become as recognized as any other shoe brand and I am excited to take part in the further expansion of the Adidas brand. I am proud to be representing Adidas on the court."

Sims believes that tying the Hollins and Adidas brands going forward will not only provide benefits to the current student-athletes, but that future Hollins athletes will see this as a positive step for the university. "Being associated with the Adidas brand will certainly bring more visibility and credibility to Hollins athletics. I feel certain that this will be a significant asset in helping Hollins attract talented student-athletes to our teams."

As early as next fall, Hollins athletic teams will begin to sport the Adidas brand as the department will begin to replace uniforms, travel wear, shoes, and equipment. Please be sure to check www.Hollinssports.com to see how to purchase Adidas brand Hollins gear beginning this fall.